California School

Homework Policy

The Board of Education and California Elementary School believe that homework is a part of the total instructional program. Its purpose is to reinforce previous learning, develop independent study skills and encourage parent involvement in the instructional process. Homework should constitute an extension of the learning situation of the school day.


We believe STUDENTS are responsible to:

  • Complete the homework assigned.
  • Return the homework to school and the teacher when asked to do so.
  • Seek help from the teacher when needed.
  • Be accountable for his/her actions regarding completion of homework.
  • Return books and materials taken home.


We believe PARENTS are responsible to

  • Show an active interest in the homework by checking it nightly for completion and accuracy.
  • Provide a suitable place for the student to do his/her work.
  • Adjust and manage the home environment to prevent interruptions and conflicting demands.
  • Encourage the student to work and complete each homework assignment.
  • Limit assistance with homework to guidance, aiding, reviewing, listening to reading and recitation and answering specific questions.
  • In addition to the reasonable amount of homework, ensure that the student reads nightly.
  • Contact the teacher if your child continually tells you they have no homework, it exceeds the guidelines or if you have questions or concerns.


  • To provide experience in independent study and to practice the discipline of good study habits.
  • To reinforce basic skills and concepts.
  • To complete projects or studies involving individual research.
  • To accustom the student to budgeting time for homework in preparation for the time when independent student becomes the main avenue to continued learning.


 We believe that TEACHERS are responsible to:  

  • Give the student guidance in establishing standards of good study habits.
  • Plan and assign relevant homework adapted to the learning needs of the student.
  • Reserve for classroom instruction all new or very difficult work requiring teacher assistance.
  • Contact the parents when the student consistently does not complete homework assisgnments.  
  • Communicate relevant and appropriate feedback to students in a timely manner. 

Students are expected to complete a reasonable amount of homework.  

  • Grade 3: 60 minutes per night (includes 30 min. of reading)
  • Grade 4: 70 minutes per night (includes 30 min. of reading)
  • Grade 5: 80 minutes per night (includes 30 min. of reading)
  • Grade 6: 90 minutes per night (includes 30 min. of reading)

The above amounts are “averages” and will vary depending on the amount of work not completed in class.