California School

Technology Support


Students have access to Lexia online for to build their literacy and reading skills.  Please encourage your student work on Lexia 20 minutes daily.  It provides individual reading and literacy support for your student.  If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Achieve 3000

Students can access this online reading comprehension program from our school's website.  This program provides comprehension practice on informational text at your child's instructional reading level.  Please encourage your child to access this program daily for reading comprehension.

Tech Support Picture

Accelerated Reader (AR)

AR is a computer program that helps manage and monitor student's independent reading practice.  The student selects a book at their own level and interest, read at their own pace, and take a comprehension computer quiz.  The AR program gives the teacher and student feedback based on the quiz results.  Individualized reading goals provide direction for ongoing reading practice.  Reading performace improves with practice!  Ask your child's teacher how you can get connected with the AR Home Connect to get emails every time your child takes an on-line reading quiz.

Reflex Math

Our students have access to an online math fluency program to build accuracy with their math facts.  This program offers students a fun way to build their math math fluency skills to support their in class learning of more complex math concepts.

On-line Curriculum

Students can access their English Language Arts and Math curriculum online from our school's home web page.  If your student is having difficulty logging on please let their teacher know.